Application Process

Let’s get digital! Participation in GoDigital Coweta can increase your online presence and take your business to the next level. By following these five steps, you could be well on your way to a successful digital transformation!


Click the "APPLY NOW" button and complete your registration

The GoDigital Project Manager will review your application and reach out to confirm eligibility

GoDigital expert advisors will connect with you to review your current business platform and determine the appropriate level of digital marketing assistance that suits your business
*This process may include attendance at a digital marketing outreach class.

We’ll match your business with a developer to create a digital marketing plan and budget *the program has vetted several local developers that have been trained on the GoDigital program, or you can choose your own; rules apply

Once approved, the plan may be implemented as defined by the developer/s and program manager

Implementing the plan does not signal the end of our working relationship. Once development is underway, there will be several milestones and checkpoints.

The timeline for implementing your digital marketing strategy will depend on the complexity of your business and the tactics included in your marketing plan. Generally, it is expected to take 1 to 3 months from approval to the start of implementation.

While GoDigital Coweta will provide a significant portion of your digital marketing plan funding, your company is expected to invest to some degree. This may include costs related to staff time for content development, ongoing maintenance of your website and social media presence, and a portion of the plan cost. We will work with you to determine the exact costs during the planning phase, so you clearly understand your financial responsibility for the project, if any.


(Due to the significant positive response, the program is nearing its funding capacity, applications are currently being accepted for the waiting list)